The Moodle editor

An editor is provided in most places in Moodle that allow text and media to be added. It allows text to be formatted, links to be included and graphics to be added without any knowledge of HTML. 

Below is a brief description of commonly used item, further information about the editor is available from the Moodle HTML editor page.


TinyMCE is the editor in UNE Moodle. It has several features that are like those available in word processing software. At the top of the editor are buttons and tools that you can used to enhance your text. It usually appears collapsed with only the top toolbar displaying. Click the Collapse button (indicated below) to make all tools visible.

The tinyMCE editor with toolbar expanded


Some useful buttons are:

Full screen button Full screen. The window can be easily resized by dragging the bottom right corner of the window. Alternatively, use the Full screen button to make the editor fill the window and click it again to return it to the regular size. Note: If you change to full screen, you will need to return to regular size to save your work.

Number, bullets and indent buttons in the moodle editor Bullets, numbered lists. Use these if you want a bulleted or numbered list.

Insert buttons in the moodle editor Links. Links can be pasted directly into the editor and will work but rather than pasting the link in full, you can put the link behind text such as myUNE instead of To do this, select your text in the editor that you wish to make into a link, click the 'insert/edit link' button (the left button in this image) and enter or paste your url into the Link url field.

Insert tools in the moodle editor Insert picture or media. The first button is used to insert a picture. Place the cursor where you want the picture to be located, click the first button, select 'Find or upload an image' and use the upload a file to add the image. The play button allows you to add videos from your own UNE Kaltura video library. This is often used for video assignment submission. Youtube links can also be pasted directly into the text in the body of the editor and will automatically display as a video when you post the message.

Paste from Word and format cleanup buttons  Paste from Word and format cleanup. When transferring text from a Word document to the editor, using the 'Paste from Word' function is recommended. This enables TinyMCE to filter any extraneous markup that Word adds to its content. Cleanup messy code', 'Paste as plain text' and 'Remove formatting' are other options here to improve the quality of content pasted from other sources. 


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