Assessment rule

Information regarding all aspects of assessment can be found in the Assessment Rule.


There are a number of referencing styles in use at UNE. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the conventions of referencing for your discipline(s); See the referencing page for the style relevant to your discipline. Also check each of your units online moodle sites to see if your units have specific requirements or options.

Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct and plagiarism are considered to be serious forms of misbehaviour at UNE. Students who engage in such misbehaviour run the risk of receiving penalties ranging from a loss of marks to, in severe cases, expulsion from the University. Fortunately, academic misconduct and plagiarism are easy to avoid if you follow a few simple principles.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to:

Avoiding plagiarism

You should refer to the Academic Integrity Module, which includes both practical exercises and links to resources designed to help you understand what it means to act with academic integrity and the consequences of misconduct.

Plagiarism declaration

When you submit an assignment via Moodle you are asked to accept a declaration before submission. Assignments submitted in hard copy must include an assignment coversheet with signed plagiarism declaration form.


Turnitin - Originality checking

UNE uses a software application to determine the originality of assessable work submitted by its students. Originality, in this context, does not mean the assignment needs to be solely original thought. It refers to the use of sources in your work. This software used is called Turnitin and it is part of the assignment submission process.

In order for you to use Turnitin as an educative tool, you may submit your assignment to Turnitin for checking before you submit it for marking. This is an optional step. Once you are satisfied with your report, you will then submit your assignment for marking. Once your assignment has been submitted for marking, it will be checked again through Turnitin and a final report will be generated for the unit coordinator.

More information is available on the How to check your work  page.


Submission method

Electronic Submission

Assessment tasks for most units must be submitted electronically. Assignments are normally submitted in the units online Moodle site.

Most assignments must be submitted by 23.59 (1 minute before midnight) UNE local time. See your unit material for specific information for your units. Your submission receipt date/time is recorded automatically. You must take into account time zone differences to avoid penalties for late submission. The current UNE local time appears in the footer of every Moodle page.

Further information on submitting assessments is available at Viewing marks and feedback. If you require assistance with the online submission of your assignment, contact the IT Service Desk on 1800 763 040, 02 6773 5000 or email

Hardcopy submission

Assignments should only be submitted in hardcopy if you are given this option in your unit materials or you have received permission to do so from your unit coordinator.  Should you have difficulties submitting assessments electornically, due to accessibility issues, please consider consulting the Student Accessibility & Wellbeing Office (SAWO) regarding additional support services.

Further information on submitting in hardcopy is available from the Submitting hardcopy assignments page. 


Assessment preview

Asking unit coordinators for preliminary review of any assessment tasks prior to formal submission is inappropriate and unfair to other students without that opportunity, unless the Unit Coordinator has clearly established, in writing, such a practice for all students enrolled in the unit. 


Re-marking of assessments tasks

Students may request that an assessment task be re-marked, in its original form, in circumstances where the student presents a case arguing that the original marking was unfair or inconsistent with marking guidelines. This request must be directly addressed to the unit coordinator, with a copy to the Head of School, by the student within 10 working days of receipt of the original marked assessment task.

The Unit Coordinator is responsible for arranging the re-marking of the assessment task.

Only a single re-mark will be permitted and the result of the re-mark will be recorded as the final mark for that assessment task, irrespective of its position relative to the original mark.



Students should check the UNE Course Handbook to see if there is a supervised examination for the unit at the end of the teaching period. The length and weighting of examinations is displayed in the additional information section. The scheduled times for these examination periods may be accessed via the Principal Dates page. Students are expected to make themselves available during those dates to be examined.


Examination timetables are generally available online at least 8 weeks prior to each examination period. When the examination timetable is complete, an email will be sent to your UNE email address advising you to access your personalised examination information online in myUNE. Students are advised to click on the link for their examination venue details to access up to date information on the venue and any other relevant notes about their examination.

Important information

The Examinations page has important information about examinations, including your responsibilities as a student in relation to exams, information about examination dates and special exams, and links to whom to contact if you have queries.



Students wishing to lodge an appeal in relation to unit assessment; practical and/or professional experience assessment; the application of faculty policies; Special Examinations; and Special Extensions of Time, should consult the University's Academic Assessment Appeals Policy.

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