Setting up your Moodle site: A checklist

This page can be checked on-line and/or printed for completion in hard copy if required.

 Add 'Welcome' post to News/ Announcements forum 

In your first post you should consider:

  • Welcoming your students to the unit
  • Advising when teaching starts and when you will be available to answer queries. Remember, on-line units are released before the start of trimester but you are not obliged to answer student enquiries before the first day of teaching.
  • Letting students know the best way to contact you, whether this is via the forums in the unit, your email or by phone; advising your anticipated response time to student queries.
  • Making it known to students if you don’t want them to start work on assignments until teaching commences.
  • Letting students know if there is something they should do or obtain before the start of teaching, e.g. buy a lab coat.
  • Advising students if the unit has an intensive school that starts before trimester begins or early in the trimester. You may also want to release this site earlier to students to ensure they have warning and information. If you want your unit released early contact the LMS helpline x3396 or email

Note: The default setting for the 'News/ Announcements' forum is to automatically email all of your students each time you post to this forum. This forum does not allow students to start a discussion or respond to your posts. 

 Add a forum where students can introduce themselves

Even if you will not be monitoring the site prior to teaching, having a 'social' or 'general discussion' forum provides a space for students to interact and get to know each other before teaching commences. Often they are able to answer frequently asked questions as well, which can save you time at the start of Trimester. 

Check that all side blocks and topic blocks / tiles required for your unit are added and up to date

The blocks are those sections on the side that contain tools or information, such as the Calendar, Latest news or the Random glossary editor. Many of these are included it all units and you will not need to edit or update them. However, you may have some that you have added specifically for your unit (ie the Teaching staff block referred to below).

Set the number of weeks/topics that you need for your unit using the Administration > Edit Settings > Site format > Number of sections. This can be changed later if required.

Ensure your Moodle profile is current

Many academic staff include an image and a link to their profile in the Teaching staff block. The Teaching staff block can be edited in the same way as the topics/weeks blocks. If you add an image to this block, make sure it's not too big - if it is too big, a scroll bar will display at the bottom of the block (to fix this - edit the image again and reduce the set width in the 'Appearance' tab).

You can choose to link to your Moodle profile or to your staff profile on your School website. In either case, it is important to ensure your profile in Moodle is current (even if it only includes a link to your School staff page), as a link to this page will automatically be included with each of your forum posts and in other places in Moodle during the trimester. Forum posts also display images from Moodle profiles - these can be added in a special section when editing profile details (photos are resized automatically by Moodle when added to profiles, so double check the result). Moodle profiles can only be edited by the person they belong to. To access your Moodle profile, go to the drop down menu next to your name in the top right of any Moodle page (when you are logged in) and click Profile. In the user details section there will be a link to Edit profile. Your profile will be available to students and staff in all of your units so be mindful of content when you are editing it.

Check content for currency and ensure links are valid

Check the unit overview and topic content for currency and accuracy including links that exist within the site. Broken links are a very common problem as external web pages move and are deleted regularly and this is often overlooked. Upload/ revise topic notes and other material before Trimester starts to avoid student confusion. If you use any graphics or pictures on the Moodle site or in your notes/ lecture slides, don't forget to reference them (see for advice).

 Setup/ check assignments and other activities

Assignments and activities imported from a previous version of the unit will need to have details (task, weighting, word length and due dates) updated as these will all transfer over from the previous offering. This includes activities and content which was previously scheduled to release on specific weeks (all dates will need to changed for the current Trimester). 

For assignments, check the grading rubric or criteria is the appropriate one for the topic (don't forget to check this in Grademark as well if you plan to mark electronically).

 Review and revise reading lists and links

Readings can be provided to students in a number of ways - a link to the specific reading in eReserve; a durable link from the Library databases or a link to an open website. Any PDF readings such as book chapters and journal articles must not be uploaded to your on-line site. Copyright can be complicated. The web page can help you to sort out copyright considerations.

You can create links in each topic/week block to the readings for that week/topic to provide logical navigation, or the links can be included within a Moodle page, Moodle book, PDF and/or the eReserve block can be used.

You should regularly check the list of readings in eReserve for the unit. If old readings are no longer required or new readings need to be added then you can arrange to have this updated by eReserve. See the eReserve web page for more information.

You should also check links in your unit notes prior to the start of Trimester - it is common for web pages to move and/ or be deleted. 

 Apply for Echo360 Profile

You must complete and submit the Echo360 Service-Now profile form found at Once this form has been submitted, your Echo360 profile(s) and link to the Echo Centre should be setup within 7 days. You will not be able to publish your recordings to the Echo360 Platform until your profile has been setup. 

After your Echo360 profile has been set up, you can download and install Personal Capture software on your Mac or Windows desktop, or laptop from the Echo360 website at

Please note: If your unit has been migrated from one Trimester to the next, the Echo360 link will not work. A new Echo360 lecture recording link MUST be configured for each Trimester. This can only be done when you have submitted a new Profile Form.  

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