Academic Integrity Module

For some time the University has been concerned about the capacity of students to understand their obligations around academic integrity. There has been a quiz available for them to complete but this was based on their willingness to read  a number of policies.  We thought there was a better way to reach students and engage them with this important issue. As you know the incidence of plagiarism across the University is alarming and serious. The Academic Integrity Module (AIM) is a whole of university initiative to refresh this aspect of our support of new and ongoing students.

With input from academic staff across the Schools, a team from TaLS designed and developed the Academic Integrity Kit. It is provided via Moodle and all students are automatically enrolled in it.  Students will take about 30 minutes to run through the Module. After completion they will be issued with a digital badge that will be attached to their Moodle profile. This process is fully automated and provides a record of completion. Staff can check if an individual student has received the badge by clicking on the student’s profile image on assignment pages, the enrolled users page or participants list within their unit and then clicking ‘Full profile’. If awarded, the badge appears at the bottom of the profile. If you need to see a listing for your unit you can check AIM completion for a cohort of students using these instructions. Students have been informed that completion of the Academic Integrity Kit is mandatory. 

Before any assignment is submitted,  students will have to confirm that they have completed the Academic Integrity Kit as part of the plagiarism declaration. To this end we have revised the wording of the declaration form that students are required to agree to prior to submitting an assignment through Moodle:

Assignment submission statement.

The Academic Integrity Kit was implemented in Trimester 3, 2015. If you would like to view the kit you can self enrol at

Information for students on the Academic Integrity Module is circulated via email prior to the start of Trimester, as well as in Learning Online.

The FAQ provides further information. We will continue to refine and improve this resource. If you have any comments to make, please send them directly to

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