Linking to online content outside Moodle

Creating a link to a web page

In the editing window, highlight the text that is to be linked to the web page and click the link icon on the far left of the bottom row:

highlight text

This will open a pop up window:

insert/ edit link

Paste the URL you want to link to in the 'Link URL' field. 

The target field has a drop down menu with several options. The most common are 'Open in this window/ frame' (which is the default) and 'Open in new window' (this has the advantage of leaving the unit site open while students access the external resource in a new web page). 

Click Insert button at the bottom of the pop up and continue editing or click on 'Save and return'/ 'Save and display'.

The link will appear in blue while editing the page to make it easy to see where links are included:

link example

Once saved, the link will appear underlined as per UNE web guidelines.

When linking to other sites, web addresses should not be reproduced and linked. Phrases like 'click here' and 'link' should also be avoided. Best practice is for the linked text to describe the destination, for example providing a link to a journal article by highlighting and linking the title of the article.

For linking  to individual eReserve readings, the library has step by step information on Linking to eReserve.

For linking to articles in the library databases, a durable link is required. The library has information on how to create durable links to full-text content. It is important to follow this process as it ensures students will be able to access readings (using the URL from your browser does not always allow this). 

Last modified: Monday, 6 February 2017, 4:42 PM